Tenure Track Marine Biology/Ecology and Biological Oceanography faculty positions in the Department of Oceanography, National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) is one of the top research universities in Taiwan (https://www.nsysu.edu.tw/?Lang=en). It is situated on the seashore of the “Southern Capital City” Kaohsiung which provides convenient international access to the Kaohsiung International Airport and plenty of open space in the city. With a population of 2.7 million and extended subways and bus routes, the seaport-based bustling Kaohsiung city offers vibrant activities seasoned with cuisines from various regions of the world. The campus of NSYSU sits where the mountain and the beach meet, one of the most beautiful sceneries in Taiwan. Based on the proximity to the airport, seaport, and ocean, the College of Marine Sciences was strategically designated as a key by the Education Ministry of Taiwan to attract top scientists since its establishment in the 1980s. The university owns and operates an 800-ton research vessel (https://or3.nsysu.edu.tw/?Lang=en) to support oceanographic research and teaching.

The Department of Oceanography of NSYSU is looking to recruit two tenure-track faculty members in the areas of Marine Biology/Ecology and Biological Oceanography. Besides, we plan to recruit one to two faculty members with expertise in Marine Geology, Physical Oceanography, or other oceanography disciplines in the near future.

The ranks and salaries at the appointment of these positions will be commensurate with the experience and achievements of the candidates. Candidates must have 1) a Ph.D. degree in one of the disciplines above and more than two years of postdoctoral training if the candidates obtained his/her doctoral degree recently; 2) more than two years of research work in total conducted out of Taiwan during his/her doctoral study and postdoctoral work; 3) capability of lecturing in Mandarin and English; 4) a good track of research publications. These positions will be available until they are filled.

Applicants should send a cover letter to declare qualifications and specify the position he/she applying for, a CV, the name and affiliation of three referees, statement of research and teaching interests using email to:

Prof. Guan-Yu Chen (guanyu@faculty.nsysu.edu.tw), Cc. Ms. Fanta Hsu (docnaa@mail.nsysu.edu.tw)
Department of Oceanography
National Sun Yat-sen University
Kaohsiung, Taiwan 80424

12/27 Special lecture: Understanding galaxy formation through the physics of the interstellar medium

Time: 12:00pm~12:55pm, December 27 (Wednesday)

Speaker: 胡家瑜 博士後研究員
Dr. Chia-Yu Hu, Postdoctoral associate

Affiliation: Department of Astronomy, University of Florida

Venue: Science Building III 3F SC353
科學三館3樓 SC353會議室

Computational galaxy formation has been remarkably successful in reproducing realistic galaxies using cosmological simulations, where a smooth mixture of gas and dark matter in the early Universe gradually evolves into thousands of galaxies due to gravity and hydrodynamics. The key to this success is the “feedback” processes that drive the cycling of gas and heavy elements in and around galaxies. However, all existing cosmological simulations face a fundamental limitation in their robustness as they adopt empirical “sub-grid” models tuned to reproduce observations. In this talk, I will discuss recent progress in galaxy-scale simulations that resolve the interstellar medium (ISM) as a promising alternative approach to understanding galaxy formation. Specifically, I will focus on three interconnected aspects: (1) How stellar feedback regulates star formation and drives galactic outflows and the implications to the nature of dark matter (2) How chemistry in the ISM connects theory with observations and how it changes with metallicity; (3) How dust evolves and affects the ISM chemistry. I will conclude by describing future prospects for developing physical sub-grid models for next-generation cosmological simulations that can be used to study fundamental physics.


12/20 Special lecture: Unveiling the Nature of Dark Matter through Gravitational Lensing in Galaxy Clusters

Time: 12:00pm~12:55pm, December 20 (Wednesday)

Speaker: 譚雪瑩 博士後研究員
Dr. Sut-Ieng Tam, Postdoctoral Researcher

Affiliation: 中央研究院 天文及天文物理研究所
Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica (ASIAA)

Venue: Science Building III 3F SC353


Dark matter dominates the matter density of our Universe, yet its nature remains mysterious. Not directly observable by conventional telescopes via light, its presence can nevertheless be indirectly detected through gravitational lensing effects in galaxy clusters, the largest and rarest structures in our Universe. With approximately 85% of their mass constituted by dark matter, galaxy clusters thus serve as ideal laboratories for our research. In this colloquium, I will first introduce gravitational lensing in galaxy clusters, and show how it can be applied to the reconstruction of dark matter mass distributions. My talk will then discuss our pioneering works in constraining the self-interacting cross-section of dark matter through the radial acceleration relation in galaxy clusters. In particular, by comparing BAHAMAS hydrodynamical simulation predictions with CLASH survey data, we have established an upper limit for the self-interacting cross-section of dark matter particles (σ/m < 0.3 cm² g⁻¹). Finally, I will briefly mention some potential future works in cluster cosmology, including how the likelihood-free forward modelling approach can be employed to achieve more precise and accurate constraints on fundamental cosmological parameters.


























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【徵才】台灣應用材料 FY24預聘計畫 徵才開跑!

預聘職缺配對建議 :

客戶技術支援團隊 製程團隊



客戶技術支援工程師(Customer Support Engineer)


*台灣應材CE 與 iTeam 的職涯觀察?說明連結請點此


製程工程師 (Process Support Engineer)



我要應徵請點此申請表報名 (此申請表無須檢附履歷)

*2023/12/16 ~ 2023/12/31 人資將以email引導初審通過之同學完成正式應徵流程。正式應徵時,須提供履歷表、自傳、學士及碩士在校成績單。*


我有疑問: 歡迎發信至 Recruit_line@amat.com,信件名稱註明「2024台灣應材預聘疑問」

g0v 台灣零時政府第伍拾玖次輪班寫 code 救台灣黑客松

給所有公民的黑客松:台灣零時政府 g0v.tw 雙月大黑客松

■ 活動形式?如何參與?
台灣零時政府黑客松由 g0v 揪松團舉辦,兩個月一次的單天活動,百名與會者來自不同的城市、背景、專長與年紀,利用三分鐘快速發表自己想做的事,並在現場尋找志同道合的夥伴,發揮各自所長,同時透過線上與線下協作的方式,用弄髒雙手的精神來「讓事情發生」。


■ 什麼樣子的人適合參加?--想看見改變的人

  • 有想法想找人幫忙的人!
  • 有計畫想運用資訊科技的人!
  • 以開放透明網路參與為號召的組織!
  • 有專案一直沒做完的坑主!
  • 有專案一直找不到人的坑主!
  • 想知道黑客松到底是什麼的好奇人!

■ 沒有想法,我也可以貢獻嗎?不會寫 code,也可以參與嗎?

不會寫 code 也沒關係,g0v 社群歡迎所有公民、鄉民、憤青、開發者、設計者、社會運動工作者、公務員、法律專家、文字工作者、藝術家、媒體工作者、教育工作者等諸眾,帶著熱血來盡一己之力,開源協作參與社會。


歡迎各位新朋老友,一起到新竹 hacking、吹風、救台灣吧!
有更多好吃好玩的事情即將在 g0v 社群發生,邀請你一起 12/9 來到位於竹北的大松現場,一起邊玩邊做專案!


【g0v 台灣零時政府第伍拾玖次輪班寫 code 救台灣黑客松】
-時間:2023/12/9(六)10:00 – 17:30
-地點:竹北市中興里集會所(新竹縣竹北市嘉豐南路一段 11 號)


-師培活動內容:https://g0v.hackmd.io/@jothon/2023Sch001TT (參與師培者也請直接訂一般票)
-直播:無法到場的朋友,歡迎收看 g0v 臉書粉專或 YT 的大松直播

2023Ephys Challenge-量子黑客松

  •  活動名稱:2023Ephys Challenge-量子黑客松
  • 題⽬:量⼦機器學習進⾏圖像分類,參賽團隊事先準備模型,主辦單位於11/18比賽當日宣布分類任務及數據。
  • 競賽⽇:2023/11/18 () 9:30-17:00
  • 地點:政治⼤學達賢圖書館羅家倫講堂(臺北市文山區萬壽路36 )

11/16 Towards a better understanding of galaxy formation in the framework of the standard model of cosmology

時間:11月16日(四) 13:20 ~ 15:10

題目:Towards a better understanding of galaxy formation in the framework of the standard model of cosmology

講者:林彥廷 研究員

服務單位:中央研究院 天文及天文物理研究所


地點:本校科學三館1樓 SC157



一、 放棄錄取資格:
逾時未報到者,以放棄錄取資格論。同時請務必於112/11/21下午 4:00 前,親簽「放棄聲明書(如附檔)」後,以傳真、郵寄、親送,或掃瞄 e-mail 回覆,才算完成放棄手續。

二、 錄取報到:
(一) 線上填寫新生基本資料:請於 112/11/20 中午 12:00 前填寫 https://forms.gle/dbXLiBtMeLLgmubt8
(二) 報到
1. 時間:112/11/21 上午 9:00-12:00、下午 1:30-5:00請在報到日前完成其他學校的放棄手續
2. 地點:陽明交大光復校區科學三館 3 樓 SC352 室
3. 應備文件:
(1) 畢業證書正本及影本各 1 份,尚未取得者須填寫「切結書(如附檔)」辦理報到。
(2) 身份證正本。
(3) 碩士生:大學歷年成績單正本,博士生:大學及研究所歷年成績單正本。右上角空白處請寫「考生編號_考生姓名(例:123456_許○○)」

(4) 以在職生身份報考之考生,應於報到時繳交在職人員進修同意書正本。
(5) 代理報到請備妥授權書(格式自訂)、代理人及考生身分證件。
4. 新生入學指引:線上維護新生個人資料。
(1) 網址:https://newstudents.nycu.edu.tw/master/
(2) 112 學年度第 2 學期(113 年 2 月)提前入學學生於 112 年 12 月 1 日開放填寫。
(3) 113 學年度第 1 學期(113 年 9 月)入學學生預計於 113 年 6 月 1 日開放填寫。
(4) 請務必完成新生資料維護,上傳照片,並按下確認鍵,才算完成報到,學校才能製作學生證。

三、 物理所簡介 https://tinyurl.com/yaas5sx3

四、 獎助學金(詳情請洽所辦)
   A、博一生經指導教授推薦,原則上每位教授每年最多推薦一位。每名每月金額八仟元,以 12 個月為限。
   A、碩一生上學期由甄試及筆試招收正取若干名,人數由所長、招生委員及學務委員決定。下學期由必修量子力學(一)及各人所選修物理所非專題課程中最高分,兩科平均之前若干名,每名每月金額以六仟元為上限,上下學期各發 5 個月。
   B、碩二生由量力(一)、(二)、(統計力學或電動力學(一)其一),三科平均之前二名領取。每名在碩二第一學期發給 5 個月每月金額以六仟元為上限。

  四、 碩博士班研究生有下列情形之一者,不得請領本獎助學金:

電話:03-5720810 / 傳真:03-5720728 / 地址:新竹市大學路 1001 號科學三館3 樓 SC352 室
聯絡人:許楦敏小姐 / email:f641126@nycu.edu.tw / 網址:http://phys.nycu.edu.tw/