10/26 An Asian-based Database for Emotional Bodily Movements

Time: 1:20pm~3:10pm, October 26 (Thursday)

Title: An Asian-based Database for Emotional Bodily Movements

Speaker: Prof. Chia-huei Tseng

(Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University)

Place: Science Building III 1F SC157

【Invitation】2023 Three-Minute Thesis Competition (3MT)

A call out to all graduate students: Are you ready to step out of your lab and showcase to the world the impact of your groundbreaking research? If so, we invite you to participate in the 7th 3MT@NTU competition and demonstrate your academic presentation skills.


The 3MT has been a game-changer for countless contestants. Not only has it helped many of its contestants secure internship opportunities, but the experience gained in participating in the 3MT has also enabled numerous contestants to win outstanding poster presentation awards at international conferences. What’s more, the 3MT has also helped past winners gain recognition from prestigious universities and innovative leaders in various industries.


The 3MT Competition, an international research communication event, founded by the University of Queensland, has grown into a global phenomenon. With over 900 universities, including such prestigious institutions as the University of Cambridge, NYU, the University of Hong Kong, and many others from more than 85 countries, this event has made a significant impact and created many success stories worldwide.


In 2015, NTU became the first authorized 3MT organizer in Taiwan. Starting from the 3rd 3MT@NTU, the participation of NTU Triangle Alliance – NTU, NTNU and NTUST, has further enhanced opportunities for scholarly exchange and interdisciplinary dialogues. For contestants, this platform has ignited their enthusiasm for taking the stage and showcasing their excellent public speaking skills. Today, this competition has expanded to all universities across Taiwan. Winners of this competition not only receive cash prizes but also have the opportunity to shine on the international stage, bringing honor to their institution.


In the last 3MT@NTU, the contestants represented a diverse range of backgrounds: 9 nationalities, 10 universities nationwide, 14 academic disciplines, and a total of 152 contestants participating in the event. This year, with the support of the NTU EMI Teaching and Learning Center, the Academic Writing Education Center (AWEC) at NTU will continue to extend invitations to graduate students from universities across Taiwan, giving students the chance to share their brilliant research in a clear and easily accessible manner. Let’s spark more creative ideas through this sharing and communicating of exciting research.


To effectively enhance your academic presentation skills, the AWEC will offer two Presentation Strategies Seminars before registration begins. This is an excellent opportunity for all participants to refine and polish their presentation skills.


For detailed information about the competition, including 3MT Promotion Video, Registration Guideline Video, and the competition rules & regulations, please visit the event webpage: https://www.awec.ntu.edu.tw/3mt/2023-3mt/


***Key Dates***

Video Submission:10/23 ~ 11/12 (noon)

Presentation Strategies Seminars:10/27 (Fri.)

10:20-11:50 (Chinese Session) @NTU

13:20-14:50 (English Session) @NTU

Final Event:11/30 (Thur.) 18:30 @NTU Liberal Education Classroom Building R101



Winner: NT$20,000

First Runner-Up: NT$15,000

Second Runner-Up: NT$12,000

People’s Choice Award: NT$10,000



Event Webpage https://www.awec.ntu.edu.tw/3mt/2023-3mt/

Organizer Website http://www.awec.ntu.edu.tw/

Telephone 02-33661480

Email ntuawec@ntu.edu.tw


10/12 Realization of large-angular-momentum resonant geometric modes with external mode converter in off-axis pumped solid state lasers

Time: 1:20pm~3:10pm, October 12 (Thursday)

Title: Realization of large-angular-momentum resonant geometric modes with external mode converter in off-axis pumped solid state lasers

Speaker: Prof. Hsing-Chih Liang

(Institute of Physics, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung Univ.)

Place: Science Building III 1F SC157