【Workshop】The Future is Flavourful (4–6 Jun 2024)

The Future is Flavourful


This is the fourth instalment of the Workshop series “The Future is …”. In this edition we want to focus on flavour physics from the Standard Model flavours of neutrinos and quarks to potential new dark and exotic flavours beyond the Standard Model of particle physics.

The workshop will broadly cover the following topics:
1. Lepton flavours
2. Quark flavours
3. Dark flavours
4. Exotic flavours


【Invitation】2023 Three-Minute Thesis Competition (3MT)

A call out to all graduate students: Are you ready to step out of your lab and showcase to the world the impact of your groundbreaking research? If so, we invite you to participate in the 7th 3MT@NTU competition and demonstrate your academic presentation skills.


The 3MT has been a game-changer for countless contestants. Not only has it helped many of its contestants secure internship opportunities, but the experience gained in participating in the 3MT has also enabled numerous contestants to win outstanding poster presentation awards at international conferences. What’s more, the 3MT has also helped past winners gain recognition from prestigious universities and innovative leaders in various industries.


The 3MT Competition, an international research communication event, founded by the University of Queensland, has grown into a global phenomenon. With over 900 universities, including such prestigious institutions as the University of Cambridge, NYU, the University of Hong Kong, and many others from more than 85 countries, this event has made a significant impact and created many success stories worldwide.


In 2015, NTU became the first authorized 3MT organizer in Taiwan. Starting from the 3rd 3MT@NTU, the participation of NTU Triangle Alliance – NTU, NTNU and NTUST, has further enhanced opportunities for scholarly exchange and interdisciplinary dialogues. For contestants, this platform has ignited their enthusiasm for taking the stage and showcasing their excellent public speaking skills. Today, this competition has expanded to all universities across Taiwan. Winners of this competition not only receive cash prizes but also have the opportunity to shine on the international stage, bringing honor to their institution.


In the last 3MT@NTU, the contestants represented a diverse range of backgrounds: 9 nationalities, 10 universities nationwide, 14 academic disciplines, and a total of 152 contestants participating in the event. This year, with the support of the NTU EMI Teaching and Learning Center, the Academic Writing Education Center (AWEC) at NTU will continue to extend invitations to graduate students from universities across Taiwan, giving students the chance to share their brilliant research in a clear and easily accessible manner. Let’s spark more creative ideas through this sharing and communicating of exciting research.


To effectively enhance your academic presentation skills, the AWEC will offer two Presentation Strategies Seminars before registration begins. This is an excellent opportunity for all participants to refine and polish their presentation skills.


For detailed information about the competition, including 3MT Promotion Video, Registration Guideline Video, and the competition rules & regulations, please visit the event webpage: https://www.awec.ntu.edu.tw/3mt/2023-3mt/


***Key Dates***

Video Submission:10/23 ~ 11/12 (noon)

Presentation Strategies Seminars:10/27 (Fri.)

10:20-11:50 (Chinese Session) @NTU

13:20-14:50 (English Session) @NTU

Final Event:11/30 (Thur.) 18:30 @NTU Liberal Education Classroom Building R101



Winner: NT$20,000

First Runner-Up: NT$15,000

Second Runner-Up: NT$12,000

People’s Choice Award: NT$10,000



Event Webpage https://www.awec.ntu.edu.tw/3mt/2023-3mt/

Organizer Website http://www.awec.ntu.edu.tw/

Telephone 02-33661480

Email ntuawec@ntu.edu.tw


Postdoctoral research fellow position: at NYCU / Taiwan-USAF Program

Postdoctoral research fellow position: “Study the ultrafast dynamics of magnetic topological critical materials” at the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) / Taiwan-USAF Program

    The Quantum Matters Physics and Ultrafast Dynamics group (Prof. Chih-Wei Luo and Prof. Jiunn-Yuan Lin) at NYCU, Taiwan, has an opening for a one-year postdoctoral position (and maybe extendable). In this project, you will perform experiments to study the ultrafast dynamics of magnetic topological critical materials with pump-probe spectroscopy under low temperature, high magnetic field and high pressure. Topics of interest include electron dynamics of a Weyl semimetal. Ultimately, the goal is to connect spectroscopic transient absorption and reflection measurements with simultaneously tunable pressure, magnetic field, and temperature techniques, in order to alter the degrees of magnetic fluctuations, and study the corresponding electronic, spectroscopic, and transport phenomena due to exotic Weyl physics.


    You have (or will receive in near future) a PhD degree in physics, physical chemistry, electrical engineering, or a closely related subject. You enjoy performing experiments and analysis to stepwise build a deeper understanding of complex physical mechanisms. Experience in one or more of the involved topics (pump-probe spectroscopy, ultrafast lasers and optics, vacuum instrumentation, femtosecond science, high-pressure techniques) is required. Good verbal and written communications skills (in English) are required.


    A postdoc position is intended as full-time appointment in the service of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan for the duration of 1 year. The postdoc salary will be in accordance with NYCU regulations for academic personnel, and depending on experience, range from a minimum of NTD 58,920 per month up to a maximum of NTD 82,485 per month based on full-time-employment.


    While flexible, preferred start dates are between June 2023 and September 2023 or as early as possible. The positions will remain open until filled.
    Applicants should send an email to Esther (estherchang@nycu.edu.tw ):
    1. briefly detailing their research experience, interests and career plans;
    2. with an up-to-date CV as attachment.

The research paper and project competitions award Contest rule of CTCP, College of Science

國立陽明交通大學 111 學年度
The Center for Theoretical and Computational of Physics(CTCP) of College of Science
The research paper and project competitions award Contest rule


PurposeThrough the research paper and project competitions, students are encouraged to develop in the field of theoretical physics, and at the same time, their research performance and presentation skills are cultivated.



l   收件截止(Deadline of the paper collection):2022/9/30() 17:00,please send to CTCP assistantjennytsai72@nycu.edu.tw    / 03-5712121#56228

l   初審結束(First-round Review):In early November, we will announce the names of the contestants who have passed the first-round review. They are invited to attend the 2nd-round review. 11月初,複審名單另行公告

l   複審(壁報展2nd-round review–Poster Exhibition):End of November. 11月底(選定周間2天中午)

l   頒獎(Award Ceremony):In early December.12月初



Place:In the center court and 1F of Science building #3


Contestants qualificationsStudents (including both undergraduate and graduate students) and postdocs of the Department of Electrophysics and the Institute of Physics whose supervisors are professors of these two departments are qualified for this competition.


Application Materials:We accept research works in the field of theoretical physics. Details are given below:

Undergraduate/Master students:research project report or thesis, a letter of recommendation and other favorable review documents.
博士班/博後: 2021/3/16~2022/9/16 期間已發表/已被接受(需附接受函)之論文、推薦信一封(博士後不需推薦信)及其他有利審查文件

PhD students /Postdocs:Research papers that are either published or accepted (with acceptance letter required) from 2021/3/16 to 2022/9/16, a letter of recommendation(postdocs not required), and other favorable review documents.

伍、評審:CTCP 教授為主,如有需要可視投稿領域邀請外部評審

Reviewers:Professors of CTCP



 流程 :競賽分為初審與複審兩大階段 

The competition consists of two stages: 1. the first-round Review and 2. the second-round review (Poster Exhibition) 

|First-round review初審(匿名Anonymity): Review on the materials/documents provided. 接受參賽者送交的相關資料,並由評審針對書面資料進行初審評分。

|Second-round review(壁報展Poster Exhibition): The format is similar to the science exhibition, and the posters are set up in groups (Undergraduates /masters/PhDs/postdocs). The contestants explain their posters to the reviewers and other participants. The reviewers ask questions to the contestants to evaluate their knowledge presented in their poster and their oral presentation. This format is also similar to the Poster Session of the Annual Meeting of Taiwan Physical Society.形式類似科展,分組別(大學/碩/博/博後)架設參展專題海報,並由專題者講解給評審和同學,由評審進行提問,主要評比參賽者於口語表達方面的展現技巧。評比過程類似於物理年會的發表形式,由各個參賽者設立攤位,評審自由於評比期間在各攤位進行提問與評分。同時邀請系上同學(主要針對大一、大二)聆聽各成果介紹。碩/博/博士後同樣需參加壁報展,形式同上述。


l   初審(First-round Review),占比50%(書面審查):創新性、實用性、方法與過程、研究動機

l   複審(2nd-round Review or Poster Exhibition),占比50%(海報展示):詰問反應能力、海報呈現邏輯適切性

、展版理學院借僅 10 個,跟其他系所借,或向外租借
捌、參賽獎金 + 獎狀(與系辦合作設計)


  • 大學部(Undergraduate students)




佳作(up to 5 Masterpiece 暫定至多5名):NT1000 each

參加者皆有參賽證明(All participants with certificate of participation)

  • 研究所

(Master students)




佳作(up to 5 Masterpiece 暫定至多5名):NT1000 each

參加者皆有參賽證明(All participants with certificate of participation)


優勝者(2名) 2 Winners: NT20000 each

參加者皆有參賽證明(All participants with certificate of participation)


玖、論文競賽獎金由電子物理系及物理所共同贊助。Prizes for the contest are co-sponsored by the Department of Electrophysics and the Institute of Physics.

The Application Progress of 2022 CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship

In order to assist Taiwan’s overseas graduate students to successfully complete their Master’ s or Ph.D. degrees in science, engineering or related fields in Taiwan and encourage them to work in Taiwan after graduation, the CTCI Fountation will continue to award the Research Scholarship for International Graduate Students. The CTCI Fountation will also provide the Financial Aid for International Graduate Students with economic difficulty.

CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship https://www.ctci.org.tw/8831/8838/talent_en/ctci-scholarship_en/44198/44209/

1. The Research Scholarship for International Graduate Students: The scholarship will be available for 15 to 30 students. Each recipient will be awarded NTD150,000 with a Certificate of Merit.

2. The Financial Aid for International Graduate Students: The financial aid will be available for 5 to 15 students. Each recipient will be awarded NTD100,000.

◆ Eligibility

Scholarships and financial aid are open to outstanding international graduate students (including students from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macao) currently enrolled in master’s or doctorate programs in science and engineering-related fields at the designated departments/institutes and universities.

◆ Application Procedure

All scholarship and financial aid candidates will be recommended by individual departments. The complete application forms are then collected and mailed by the universities to the CTCI Foundation.

◆ Application Period

July 1 ~ September 15, 2022 (If the postmark is past the date, it will not be accepted.)


Contact: 02-27049805 ext. 77 Ivy Chen (Email: ivychen@email.ctci.org.tw)

LonTrend Internship Program for Business Development Representative

  1. The origin of the plan

Since 2014, LonTrend has begun to carry out the internship program for the cultivation of talents in international business marketing, providing students from colleges and universities at home and abroad with an internship opportunity to connect with the corporate workplace and plan in advance for their future. This year (2021), in response to business and operation expansion needs, this program had been upgraded to be an international channel management talents elite cultivation internship program. The development of this internship program has achieved remarkable results. At present, many university students, such as Fu Jen Catholic University, National Tsing Hua University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and Wenzao Foreign Language Institute, have participated in and accepted assignments. After graduation, students who are aspiring to develop in the field of international trade import and export management or channel management are invited to participate in the grand event.

  1. Program advantages

This program provides students with excellent foreign language proficiency and interested in international trade and channel management the benefits to accumulate their second expertise, in addition to their foreign language expertise or undergraduate department expertise. The internship members will follow the program content during their studies to gradually cultivate big data management sense and broaden their vision. The task content will be gradually deepened and broadened according to the internship time and the adaptation status of the interns. The students who completed the internship will be competent in managing workable international business marketing skill, if they successfully pass the assessment and transfer a full-time position after the internship, their working years will start from the day of the internship. This program fully provides students who are interested in international trade and channel management, a great opportunity to accumulate their own abilities and soft power while working during the school period, and plan for their future in advance.

  1. Project features

※Departmental practical operation – learning through actual workplace experience, it allows interns to get early integration into the corporate culture and accumulate experiences and client opportunities to form.

※Perfect education and training – LonTrend provides complete pre-employment training, practical courses, and on-site training.

※After the completion of the internship and graduation (for males on standby), those with outstanding performance may be given priority appointments to obtain full-time qualifications and plan for the future in advance.

※Work in fun – interns have the opportunity to participate in various project internships, company end-year meals and other benefits and activities.

※The internship performance refers to the calculation method of the bonus system of the sales department, and each bill is entitled to the performance bonus.

  1. Company introduction

LonTrend Corporation is an affiliate of Valorx Co. and a strategic alliance partner of British-based Tailored Solution International Co., Ltd. The business focuses on the design, manufacture and promotion of exquisite die-cast products such as pan-tilt units, protective enclosures, IR illuminators and mounting brackets.


  1. Qualifications

1、 International students who lives in Taiwan for short term but will be back to their countries after graduation.

2、 International students who are excellent in English and good communication skill. Second or third languages are plus.

3、 Program reserved for those international students who are interested in international trade and channel management positions and have long-term career planners.


  1. Internship description


Internship category
Category Overseas Marketing Department , Pre-employment training intern (six months, total 952 hours)
Internship period ü Winter and summer vacations are from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. (If you need leave, you can apply on the system one week in advance).

ü During the school period, a shift system is adopted, and the weekly internship time needs to be 15 to 20 hours.

ü The total number of internship hours must be at least 952 hours.

ü The program can be adjusted according to students’ spare time. Except winter and summer vacations, working hours can be adjusted according to the student’s time.

Job description ü Big data analysis

ü Integration of trade marketing platform

ü Customer information confirmation

ü Smart development and market expansion

ü Channel management

ü Market analysis

ü Customer relations contact

ü Project management

ü Marketing document design and proposal

ü Competitor product information collection and analysis

ü Professional sales document layout and production

ü Exhibition preparation matters

Welfare ü 176 hours from the beginning of the internship is the internship training stage (No salary). For unpaid internships, an incentive of 7200 NTD/month is provided.

ü After 176 hours of internship (after the 1-2 interval), it will be changed to an hourly salary system, using a shift system, 160 NTD/hr.

ü Insurance: There is no labor and health insurance during the student’s identity training and group accident insurance is provided.

ü Interns can participate in business team dinners and end year dinner.

ü The interns are included in the management of sales team, and those who perform well in the internship will have billing bonuses and year-end bonuses.

ü Short-term/long-term interns who live in other counties and cities are provided with rental subsidies (2000 NTD/month) in addition to the internship allowance for the first month. As long as the intern students are fully attending the internship, they can ask the direct supervisor to apply it on their behalf.

Working hours ü Winter and summer vacations: Monday to Friday 08:00 to 17:00 (noon break: 12:30 to 13:30; two days off every week, national holidays are off, flexible holidays are not compensated.)

ü Non-winter and summer vacations: scheduling system (based on hours) It is expected to meet at least 15 to 20 hours of attendance per week. If the course really cannot cooperate, you can discuss with your direct supervisor before making flexible arrangements.

Special note 1. Students who accept internships are required to sign a contract. The competent department will plan the corresponding student training content based on the total contract hours. The company will retain the right of legal prosecution if the contract is terminated without warning.

2. In the event of poor attendance and poor work performance (for those who fail the company’s internal examination scores), the company reserves the right not to issue an internship certificate or terminate the internship contract.

* LonTrend Corporation HR position level: the first level is divided into 7 positions (1-1 to 1-7), a total of 952 hours. Internships who have passed the assessment for a total of 952 hours in school status are regarded as a full time employees.

  1. Application process

※From now on, please access to webpage https://www.lontrend.com/en/about-lontrend/career to download the LonTrend resume. After filling in, please send your resume and autobiography (Chinese and English) to hr@lontrend.com. After the resume is reviewed, the invitation will be notified for written examination and interview.

Contact window: Human Resources Division-Miss Li (02-2902-0082#601)

※This program accepts recommendation letters from professors.

  1. Internship location

11F., No. 123-7, Xingde Rd., Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City 241, Taiwan (R.O.C.) (in the Yingyi Factory Office Building) near MRT Xianse Temple Station or Sanchong Station


Faculty Position Institute of Physics,
National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

Faculty Position
Institute of Physics, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

The Institute of Physics (IOP), National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan invites applications for faculty positions at all ranks (assistant, associate, and full professor). Candidates from all fields in physics are encouraged to apply. Successful candidates are expected to make strong commitments to excellence in research, teaching and mentoring. Applicants should submit a letter of application, CV, research proposal, teaching statement and arrange at least three letters of reference. Application materials should be submitted at https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/20298 or sent to f641126@nycu.edu.tw by email. Review will start after Jan. 1, 2022. The position will remain open until it is filled.

Complex Systems Symposium on May 21-22, 2021

Complex Systems Symposium

May 21-22, 2021, National Central University

The Complex Symposium is a forum for junior scientists (students, postdocs) to present and discuss their research in the fields of statis-tical physics, non-linear systems, soft matter, fluid physics, and bio-physics. It is a great setting for exchanges and receiving feedback, finding common themes in various topics of frontier research.
Each presenter will have a 15 to 20 minute oral presentation, in addi-tion to a poster presentation. We welcome participants from different disciplines and fields interested in complex systems.

◆ Registration deadline : 2021/5/12
◆ Presenter should prepare a poster no larger than 42 cm (H) x 59 cm (W) (A2)
◆ The symposium will be simultaneously webcast, with link infor-mation provided for registered participants

Sponsors :
Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica
Dept. Physics, National Central University
National Center for Theoretical Sciences Physics Division