5/2 Dark Excitons in 2D Materials

Time: 1:20pm~3:10pm, May 2 (Thursday)

Title: Dark Excitons in 2D Materials

Speaker: Dr. Shao-Yu Chen, Assistant Research Fellow

(Center for Condensed Matter Sciences, National Taiwan University)

Place: Science Building III 1F SC157

【Workshop】The Future is Flavourful (4–6 Jun 2024)

The Future is Flavourful


This is the fourth instalment of the Workshop series “The Future is …”. In this edition we want to focus on flavour physics from the Standard Model flavours of neutrinos and quarks to potential new dark and exotic flavours beyond the Standard Model of particle physics.

The workshop will broadly cover the following topics:
1. Lepton flavours
2. Quark flavours
3. Dark flavours
4. Exotic flavours