12/8 Quantum Walk: Entanglement between coin and position spaces

時間:12月8日(四) 13:20 ~ 14:50

Time: 1:20pm~2:50pm, December 8 (Thursday)
Title: Quantum Walk: Entanglement between coin and position spaces

Speaker: Prof. Ching-Ray Chang
(Quantum Information Center, Chung Yuan Christian University)
Place: Science Building III SC001

Abstract: Quantum entanglement is that when a particle in a system is measured, not only the measured particle, but all the particles of the system, will immediately collapse to the classical result. Quantum entanglement brings bright prospects for the development of new technologies and will create the future quantum earth. Quantum walks are also the result of the entanglement of coins and position spaces, exhibiting very different characteristics than classical random walks. Quantum walks can provide exponential speedups compared to classical algorithms in some applications due to iterative shift and coin operators. Here, we mainly discuss two very different applications: fundamental physics and big data analytics. Majorana 1+1 spacetime dynamics and options pricing models with quantum walks show promise for quantum computing.


Wei-Ting Wang, Xiao-Gang He, Hsien-Chung Kao, Ching-Ray Chang , https://arxiv.org/abs/2210.00306 .